Private tutoring in: Danville, San Ramon, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek

Individual tutoring is my favorite way to teach. The personalized dynamic between two people is the most effective way to learn.  If your child is in elementary or middle school, I have experience using the Lindamood-Bell process to improve reading, spelling and comprehension.  For teens planning to apply for college, I teach the skills needed to master the English and Science sections of the SAT and ACT.  I am also experienced working with students who have learning disabilities and different processing styles.  You’ll find my educational approach to be kind, challenging, and supportive.

Subjects Taught

  • Basic Reading
  • Phonics
  • Reading comprehension (elementary – college)
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Written clarity and organization
  • Thesis development
  • Research papers
  • ACT and SAT prep (Reading, Writing, Essay, Science)
  • Admissions essays for college application
  • Study skills and time management

Pencils with Erasers

I work patiently, providing the tools needed to self-check and work independently. If you are seeking a tutor, my assumption is that you would like to gain new skills and one day “graduate” from my services. This is my goal when teaching. When my students no longer need me, this means I have succeeded.

Average tutoring rates are $75-100/hr, depending on subject

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This is the best teacher I’ve ever had!

-Bryan Henderson

Heather helped my daughter catch up in 3rd grade reading. She is a wonderful tutor.

-Susan Martin

I have been tutored by Heather Feeney for over a year. She has been instrumental in my academic success in my MBA program at John F. Kennedy University. My parents were immigrants from Hong Kong and had difficulties helping me with proficiency in English. Professor Feeney’s understanding of the rules and grammar are clearly shown in her ability to communicate and teach it to her students. She uses different techniques to teach a multitude of students with diverse backgrounds. Professor Feeney is also a great asset to college/professional students to help develop their thesis, outline, and how to operate in an MLA/APA format. My education would have not been the same without her.

– Emily Chan

Heather has significantly aided in the development of my academic writing as an undergraduate, and currently as a doctoral student. While offering wonderful feedback in regard to structural and grammatical aspects of writing, Heather has the unique ability to foster the skills needed for more in-depth writing that requires critical thinking and personal reflection. Without the continuous help I have received from Heather throughout my college education, my writing ability would not be what it is today!

-Lia Poitras

I have worked with Heather Feeney throughout my MBA program and have witnessed my writing skills develop to a scholarly level. She has helped my writing develop professionally while maintaining my authentic voice.

– Lillian Razavi