Test Prep

The college admissions process can be stressful!  My encouraging style can help to ease the pressure and give students the knowledge they need to increase their SAT and ACT scores — not to mention learn valuable test-taking and grammar skills along the way.

I offer individual tutoring on weekends and after-school hours.   I teach all the NON-math subjects, and I refer you to my colleague to schedule his own Math lessons.

Why don’t I teach groups and classes?
I find the personal approach helps student improve faster than in a group setting.  Too often, these classes teach to the middle and don’t target your student’s particular need in preparing for the test.

I always assign homework from real tests so students can learn the predicable style of the real ACT or SAT. And I spend our session time discussing the student’s errors and taking notes to learn from them.

Admissions Essays

Once you’ve finished testing, I can help with admissions essays. As a seasoned writing coach, with experience at multiple university writing centers, I will guide you to the best expression of a unique personal statement.  There are so many admissions prompts. And if a student is applying to multiple schools, the list can become daunting. I can help you get those essays started, overcome writer’s block, and revise for a memorable essay the counselors will love reading.

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